Health = Wealth: Tips To Stay Motivated And Thrive In Your Current Job Or Job Search

Are you unemployed and feeling defeated in your job search? Or are you employed and drained, not even willing to get out of your seat to pick up lunch? If you have answered yes to the above my next question is are you exercising and feeding yourself well? If the answer to this question is […]

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CNBC Reports on Clarity’s Cyber Insurance Purchase

Earlier this year, New York City-based staffing agency Clarity bought cyber-insurance for the first time. This spring it added more coverage. “We were actually hearing about it from our clients,” said Elizabeth Wade, Clarity’s operations manager. “They were asking us about it and in order to prevent being behind the eight ball we felt like […]

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Happy 4th of July!

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4 Tips to Interview Like a Pro

One of the great things about working in staffing is having the opportunity to work closely with candidates during the interview process. Having the right preparation can make the difference in creating that lasting impression. I work with candidates who have varying levels of interviewing experience, but continue to make it a point with each of […]

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Money Matters: Beyond Salary when Considering Job Opportunitites

When job seeking, it’s not surprising that compensation is a major deciding factor for job seekers. For many candidates, the interview question that matters most is “what salary range are you targeting?” While we’re not denying that money is important to think about, there should be a lot of considerations during the process. Here are […]

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Job Hunting is Tax Deductible? Why, Yes it is!

It’s FINALLY almost springtime and tax season is in full swing. We have some good news that job seekers might not be aware of – elements of your search might be tax deductible. Job-hunting can be extremely daunting, not to mention, time consuming and the hours can easily add up to that of some full-time […]

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Clarity in the news! The Affordable Care Act delay and its impact on businesses like Clarity

Elizabeth Wade, Clarity’s operations manager, spoke to the Daily News about the delayed Obamacare employer mandate for small and mid-sized companies until 2016. She, along with numerous other New York area businesses are relieved that there is some more time to make a more thought out choice. “It’s music to my ears,” Wade told the Daily News. […]

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Solid Growth Brightens Economic Outlook for 2014

It looks like 2014 will be a year of growth on all economic fronts with an especially bright forecast for the job market. WASHINGTON (AP) — Consumers will spend more. Government will cut less. Businesses will invest more. And more companies will hire. Add it all up, and you can see why expectations are rising […]

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Erica Ravich shares her “aha” moment to discovering a career that she loves! Read her story on the and find out the steps she recommends to finding the right career path for you.

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Conquering the reverse interview: a simple list of Do’s and Don’ts

You are seated in an interview for your dream job.  You have smiled and charmed your way into the hiring manager’s heart with your excellent credentials and winning personality.  You have answered every question with thought and pizzazz, but then the tables turn.  The interviewer asks his final question- “Do you have any questions for […]

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